Field Day Agenda


Northeast Cover Crops Council Field Day
Friday, 11/16/18

The field day will feature three cover crop research projects at the Penn State Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center. The morning meeting point is the Penn. State Dept. of Agriculture Livestock Evaluation Center. There will be a bus leaving the Ramada Inn at 8:00 am and returning at 1:00 pm.

Participants will be divided into three groups and assigned a bus on-site. The buses will take participants to the three stations and back to the meeting point for lunch. However, there will be opportunities to walk the plots at each stop so come prepared for winter weather and muddy soils!

The three stations will feature on-going research projects:
1. Cover crop mixtures. Participants will visit the “Cover Crop Cocktails project” to hear about how and when cover crop mixtures can provide multiple ecosystem services, and how cover crop mixtures respond to soil and environmental factors such as soil nitrogen or growing degree days. Speakers: Jason Kaye, Mary Barberchek, and Barbara Baraibar
2. Planting green. This station showcases the benefits and challenges of planting cash crops into standing cover crops. Participants will learn about ways to manage cover crop residues to ensure a good cash crop stand and see different types of equipment that can be used to “plant green”. Speakers: Heidi Myer and Heather Karsten
3. Interseeding cover crops for grazing. At this station participants will learn about how and when to interseed cover crops into standing corn and how these cover crops can be grazed late in the fall. Speakers: Jessica Williamson and Miguel Schevenin

PDF of the NECCC 2018 Field Day Agenda.