Ongoing Cover Crop Research

StateResearcherAffiliationProject Title
Maine, New HampshireJason Lilley, Rich Smith, Natalie LounsburyUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension, University of New HampshireExpanding No-Till Organic Vegetable Production through the Combination of High-Residue Cover Crops and Solarizing Tarps
MarylandSteven MirskyUSDA ARSCreating the Cover Crops that Organic Farmers Need: Delivering Regionally Adapted Varieties across America
Defining Agroecological Principles and Developing Sustainable Practices in Mid-Atlantic Cropping Systems
Developing Cover Crop Decision Support Tools and Meta-analysis for NRCS and the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest Cover Crop Councils
Decision Support Tools for Cover Crops: Crediting Water and Nitrogen Conservation
Agroecological Strategies for Balancing Tradeoffs in Organic Corn and Soybean Production
An Integrated Pest Management Approach to Addressing the Multiple Herbicide-resistant Weed Epidemic in U.S. Field Crop Production-MD
Evaluating Water Availability and Crop Stress using Soil Water and Plant Canopy Sensors
PennsylvaniaJason KayePenn StateMaking Diversity Functional: Farm Tuning Cover Crop Mixtures to Meet Grower Needs
PennsylvaniaMary Barbercheck, Bill Curran, Jason Kaye, Armen Kemanian Penn StateA Reduced-Tillage Toolbox: Alternative Approaches for Integrating Cover Crops and Reduced Tillage in an Organic Feed and Forage System
PennsylvaniaSarah IsbellPenn StateInterseeded Cover Crops: Evaluating Nitrogen Retention Services Provided by Plant-Microbe Relationships
PennsylvaniaSuzanne FleishmanPenn StateDo Cover Crops Stabilize Wine Grape Productivity in a Variable Climate?
PennsylvaniaPuneet RandhawaPenn StateUndercover Agent: Uncovering the Effects of Cover Crops on a Beneficial Soil Fungus
PennsylvaniaKarly ReganPenn StateImpacts of Cover Crops and Tillage on Predator-Prey Interactions within Organic Cropping Systems