Overwintering brassica. Photo by Victoria Ackroyd.

Connecticut State NECCC Contact

Jeff Cordulack
Executive Director
The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut
126 Derby Avenue
Derby, CT 06418
hone: (203) 308-2584

Planting Flowers For Bees in Connecticut, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Topics: pollinator habitat, vegetable rotations
Cover crops: red clover, white clover, crimson clover, alsike clover, hairy vetch, bird’s foot trefoil, alfalfa, buckwheat

Links to external websites
Use of Cover Crops and Green Manures to Attract Beneficial Insects, University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management Program
Topics: beneficial insects
Cover crops: grasses, clover, hairy vetch, buckwheat

Multiple Purpose Cover Crops, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut
Topics: cover crop benefits, vegetable systems
Cover crops: rye, oats, clovers, hairy vetch, forage radish, mixes