Explore Different Cover Crop Tools

Take a look at our integrated decision tool for cover crop species selection. Access cover crop recommendations tailored to your cropping system goals and constraints.

Species Selector Tool

Use the Species Selector Tool to narrow down which cover crops might work for you. Choose your state, then click ‘Get a Recommendation’ at the top left on your screen.

Cover Crop Explorer

Check out the Cover Crop Explorer module of our tool for an in-depth overview of cover crops in your USDA hardiness zone. Choose your state, then click ‘Browse Cover Crops’ at the top left on your screen.

Cover Crop Nitrogen Calculator

Check out the Cover Crop Nitrogen Calculator to estimate residue breakdown and nitrogen release from your terminated cover crop.

Northeastern Cover Crop Tools

Other groups in the Northeast have also created tools that may be of use.

Cornell University

CSF Winter Cover Crop Planting Scheduler

Cornell University

Cover Crop Tool for Vegetable Growers

Other Cover Crop Tools

Here are some other cover crop tools you can try.

Midwest Cover Crops Council Cover Crop Decision Tool


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Ryegrass interseeded into soybeans. Photo credit: Mirsky lab.


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