Governing Structure

The Northeast Cover Crops Council exists to serve the needs of the diverse agricultural community, a fact reflected in the governing structure. Changes to the governing structure may be made via a majority vote of the General Board to ensure organizational flexibility.

NECCC General Board
The General Board is comprised of a minimum of one representative per Northeastern state, at least one farmer representative, and representatives from agri-business, agencies such as USDA NRCS, and NGOs. Representatives serve two-year terms, and may serve for a maximum of three consecutive (not lifetime) terms. Representative terms are staggered to allow for board turnover each year.

The General Board meets quarterly and communicates as needed by email. Representatives are expected to chair or otherwise participate on committees that drive the NECCC mission. Committees report to the General Board regularly.

NECCC Executive Board
The Executive Board is comprised of six representatives drawn from, and elected by, the General Board. The board is to consist of at least one farmer and not more than one representative from each state and constituency (e.g., agri-business, government agencies). Representatives serve three-year terms, staggered to allow for turnover each year. The board is to elect a Chair from among its membership who serves a three-year term.

The Executive Board meets every 4-6 weeks and communicates as needed by email. Responsibilities include determining and overseeing the NECCC budget, evaluating staff performance, setting agendas, addressing day to day issues of immediate concern, and breaking General Board ties.